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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Olafsvik, Iceland

Private Snæfellsnes - Western Peninsula

Private Snæfellsnes - Western Peninsula - Ólafsvík, Iceland

Duration: 8 to 10 hours
Location: Ólafsvík, Iceland

From USD

This is the less travelled tour by tourists in Iceland. This 90- km long peninsula comprises a world of diversity ... More info ›

This is the less travelled tour by tourists in Iceland. This 90- km long peninsula comprises a world of diversity. Friendly towns and villages, spectacular mountains, a multitude of bird species nesting on treacherous cliffs, beaches of sand and pebbles popular among horsemen and rock skimmers, remnants and relics scattered here and there of times and ways of life long past. Saga sites and hiking trails.

The Snaefellsjokull National Park is at the westernmost part of the peninsula, including the mystical glacier Snaefellsjokull, as well as other unique sites such as Djupalonssandur, Thufubjarg and more.

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Stop At: Port of Stykkisholmur, Stykkið, Stykkishólmur, Iceland

Stykkishólmur is located by Breiðafjörður Bay on the north of Snæfellsnes peninsula, and is surrounded by wonderful views of the innumberable islands. One of the defining landmarks in Stykkishólmur are the old houses which reside in the old city center and this is reflected in the atmosphere – it sometimes feels like a place from a different time.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Bjarnarhofn Shark Museum, Bjarnarhofn 340 Iceland

At Bjarnarhofn we welcome visitors to our own little sharkmuseum all year round. At the museum you can learn about the Greenland shark, its habits, biology and of course taste the shark which is produced on the farm.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Port Ólafsvík, Ólafsvík, Iceland

Olafsvik is a town on the northern side of Snaefellsnes peninsula, close to the magnificent glacier, Snaefellsjokull.

Olafsvik has a large fishing harbour which is ideal for watching the lively seamans life.

An old warehouse, built in 1844, is now protected and houses a museum, with exhibits displaying working methods from ancient times.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stop At: Djupalonssandur Beach, Utnesvegur, Hellnar Iceland

Djupalonssandur is a beautiful pebbled beach, with a series of rocks of mysterious form emerging from the ocean.

It is one of the few areas that lead down to the sea along this coast with its high dramatic cliffs. Watch out for the famous ghosts roaming the place!

The rests of a shipwreck can be seen on the beach. On the beach there are also big stones which people tried to lift and test their strength in the days of the fishing stations: Fully Strong 154 kg, Half-Strong 100 kg, Weakling 54 kg and Bungler 23 kg. Weakling marked the frontier of wimphood, any man who couldn't lift it was deemed unsuitable for a life as a fisherman.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Hellnar Primus Kaffi, Hellnavegur, Hellnar, Iceland

Where the surf pounds the beach around the old pier. Sit outside with a blanket to keep you warm and bask in the amazing scenery.

Coffee, cakes and waffles with cream and apple pie to die for!

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Olkelda Mineral Spring, Road Number 54 Olkelda Farm, Snaefellsbaer 311 Iceland

At the farm Olkelda, near Stadarstadur, in the south of Snaefellsnes, there is a mineral spring with carbonated water.

Mineral springs are said to have healing properties, so feel free to take a sip.

The farmhouse is named Olkelda which means mineral spring in Icelandic.

Duration: 15 minutes

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